The Team

Madeline Puckette

Co-Founder, Content Director, Ball of Energy

I develop Wine Folly’s content as well as all the illustrations and infographics on the site. I’m a certified sommelier with Court of Masters Sommelier and author of NYT Bestselling book: Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine. You can read more about me.

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Justin Hammack

Co-Founder, Advisor, Cat-Herder

I’m an entrepreneur, vegetarian foodie, coffee addict, ex-pro PC gamer, lover of cult movies, and driver of insane turbo-2.0L. I am otherwise a herder of cats.


Happiness Facilitator

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” For personalized service with products, orders, shipping, wholesale inquiries or if you have questions or comments, it’s my job to make Wine Folly customers happy.

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Ashley Sara DeKam


Language is beautiful when it communicates simply. This is my specialty, along with creating amazingly gorgeous food and wine pairings. Epicurean mastery is my love language, and words are my creative canvas of expression.

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Morgan Harris

Expert Content Editor

Morgan W. Harris is a NYC-based Sommelier with a passion for wine education, writing, and indulging his curiosity. He has his advanced certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers, was named a Best New Sommelier by Wine & Spirits magazine in 2012, and has competed in several national-level sommelier competitions. He believes wine should be an accessible, everyday beverage, and one of the planet’s finest agricultural products.

Hilarie Rumball Larson

Wine Educator

I love talking, writing, reading, learning, and teaching, about wine. It started to completely consume my life about ten years ago when I went to work in a winery and I’ve never looked back. I adore vino so much I even married a winemaker. That’s dedication.

Dr. Edward Miller

Physician and Certified Sommelier

Dr. Edward Miller is our medical advisor for our Wine and Health topics. Dr. Miller is a board-certified physician, clinician, author, & researcher. He is a regular attendee at The International Wine-Heart Health Summits and a member of The Renaud Society, an international society of medical professionals investigating the role of wine in health. He and his wife are physicians with Red Hook Family Practice, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Check out Dr. Miller’s articles

Rina Bussell


As a kid, I could smell a watermelon being cut in the kitchen from my bedroom, a sensory superpower. Since then, I love to stick my nose into wine glasses, wine books, and other people’s business…that is, if they want to learn more about wine.